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The strategist geography where the Roadhouse & Country Lodge La Leona is placed, makes of it a proper site to realize great varieties of country and adventure activities not promoted for the conventional tourism.


Horse-Back Riding (Show Rates)
Departing from the neighbouring Estancia La Estela, starts the riding towards the shores of Lake Viedma. The guests can view the wonder of the mountain landscape, take pictures of the Fitz Roy & Torre peaks, and appreciate part of its the flora and fauna. After arriving to the lake and having traveled a large section of its shore, starts the return to the Estancia La Estela, riding through fields and large volcanic sandbacks. Once back to the Estancia´s stud , guests may unsaddle and brush the horses while we offer them mate and delicious fried cakes. Approximate length: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Horse Riding

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Rafting Through La Leona River (Show Rates)
Starting from the Estancia La Estela and ending in La Leona Roadhouse and Country Lodge, we raft through the river a total of 7 kms. In this ride, the passengers will be able to row, besides of contemplating the landscape and taking pictures. At half way, a brief stop at the first country school in the area located within the Estancia La Estela, on the banks of the river La Leona. Not currently functioning, it still preserves its original infrastructure. Almost arriving to La Leona we'll pass under the river bridge where we will find the funniest rapids. Even so, this activity is suitable for all ages. Approximate length: 1 hour.

• Archery
This activity takes place in the polygon of the Estancia La Estela. As in the other activities, before starting, the passengers get a brief theoretical talk about the different disciplines in archery. According to the experience of each passenger, we have bows for both beginners and "experts". The bolder may also practice the crossbow, a weapon that by its high power and efficiency runs up the adrenaline. Approximate duration: 1 hour depending on the number of passengers.



We offer the rental service of spinning fishing equipments. The passenger may go along the shores of the river La Leona in search of trouts, perches and salmons. Fishes have to be returned always to the water.

• Birds and Savage Animals Sight
Great variety of birds including horns and condors as well as other animals of the authentic fauna of the area such as foxes, guanacos, ostriches, armadillos (mulitas), America panthers (pumas), ecc.

All the surroundings of Roadhouse & Country Lodge La Leona will allow you to make easy walks in which you will discover amazing landscapes of the area.

The Ring Game
Formerly the Patagonian gauchos occupied their free time competing in this likeable game. More than once the excess of alcohol caused this diversion to finish tragically. You can also compete, and if you manage to introduce the ring in less than 3 attempts (quite improbable) you will receive a free “shot” of sugar cane drink.

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